Where do Bridal Gowns Come From

WHY?  If you buy a car, you certainly check to to see at least what the ratings on that car are, and its usually very easy to find out where it is manufactured.  Or how about mobile phones?  I bet you did your research before investing in that, or at least know a lot about that faithful brand you like.  Leather shoes, perhaps you prefer vegan leather? I'm sure you would make sure right?

I asked many brides that had purchased gowns " what kind of fabric is it"  a typical reply would be "lace"  or "satin".  But they never knew the fiber content.  They never knew where it was manufactured.  It became to clear to me, that many brides where so caught up in the style or excitement of purchasing a gown that they simply did not care.  They did not ask, they did not look at the manufacturers little white tag!  

The Tag... well why look at the tag? 

Not just to make sure the size is correct.  But how about, fiber content.  Let's say you just bought a $2500.00 gown, would it upset you to know that it could may well be constructed with polyester lace, polyester tulle, polyester satin, just like the $500.00 dollar gowns and you just paid for a name?  

Polyester.... why care about that?  Have you ever looked up how polyester is made.  Go ahead, take a look.  If you are by any means concerned about the environment, have a seat before you look.   This fiber is toxic to the environment and toxic to the people who manufacture it. Many countries do not have certain labor standards like we do in the USA.  Many are faced with a host of issues related directly to the lack of those standards. So...why do we continue to purchase it?  Because it is cheap!   Remember the slogan you get what you paid for.  Did you know polyester is not biodegradable unless its a special recycled polyester.  That's right, polyester [1] is no different than a plastic water bottle. 

As a matter of fact the main ingredient to polyester fabric is petroleum, just like plastic.  Yes, you may be wearing plastic to your formal event. 

I bet your groom isn't wearing polyester!  

So the question is not only where do bridal gowns come from?... what about, where do they go?  Remember it most likely is not recyclable.  Many of you will go on to buy those polyester gowns.  Sometimes there is just no other option.  But consider this.  When purchasing your gown, ask where was this gown made, what is it made with.  Then ask, do you have another option?  Make your decisions not only based on style and price... perhaps you may want to consider the environment.  ๐Ÿƒ

During my time as a bridal shop owner, I was marbled at how many brides never thought to check to see how this product originates, what its constructed with or any other interesting and probably important questions.

Photography courtesy of  Janira Photography

Photography courtesy of Janira Photography